5 securities Company best Indonesia

Puncak-media.com.com – This topic concerns the stock investment is currently widely discussed by the various groups. Thus shows that society has an interest in investing in instruments other than conventional such as gold and Property.

Different with conventional investing, investing in stocks or funds with a needed company securities that are the best in the process of purchase and sale. Well, if You are interested to start investing in stocks and Investment, identify first the list of a securities company, the best You can choose. This article will discuss the complete list of securities of the company best.

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What is it corporate securities?

Securities company is a company that acts as an intermediary in the transaction of purchase and sell stocks (trading, stocks), mutual funds, instruments and securities trading of capital market. A securities company must obtain a permit from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) before running the business activities.

In general, the securities the company has three the scope of the activities, including the investment manager, the owners of the shares (the owner of the stock), and securities brokers (broker-dealers). Complete security the company as an Investment Manager, responsible for managing the securities portfolio of the customer under the agreement and the provisions that can be applied.

Then the role of the guardian of the company as the owner of the company is to help companies prospective (issuers) to conduct a public offering of shares (IPO). While the role as a broker of securities activities of purchase and sale of securities made by the client or the interests of the company.

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5 securities Company best Indonesia

If you want to invest in a stock, the first step is to register an account in the company of the securities is the best. There are many options of securities in Indonesia listed in the FSA. Now it is estimated there are nearly 100 best Guard license.

Will be explained below 10 securities company in Indonesia that you can choose to start investing in stocks and other instruments.

1. Indo Securities Main

The effect of the Company is the main effect of Ino first which has been operating since 1996. Indo Securities is a company of the securities private serve the activity of buying and selling securities for individuals and companies. With the bond transaction activity that reached 10 trillion at the beginning of 2019, putting the Prime Minister In the position of the company securities first in the bond market is competitive.

This company has a code of Police, offer a wide range of products and services including both purchase and sell shares, co-funding, investment banking, to companies, financial planning , sales, stocks, equity, and sales and sales in fixed income for the company.

Some of the advantages of having Indo Premier, among others, the low cost of the initial registration of the beginning of 100,000. In addition, the availability of funds from the investor (RDI) on some of the big banks, the cost of stock transactions that compete, until the availability of the application and the sale of securities that are known by IPOT (Indo Online Trading).

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2. Asset Mirae Sekuritas Indonesia

Asset Mirae Sekuritas Indonesia is a securities company which was established since 1994. In 2018, the company’s securities has been named as a securities company in indonesia. Asset Mirae Sekuritas Indonesia has the effect of product and services that aim to individuals and companies.

Some products and services include buy and sell transactions in shares, bonds, funds, mutual, planning and research corporation, to help the process of acquisition or merger, and a stock list of the main. Some of the advantages of having an asset Mirae Sekuritas Indonesia is the availability of the app for online trading, the absence of a monthly administration fee, the help service of 24 hours, up to the cost of stock transactions that compete from 0.25% to sell and 0.15% to buy.

3. Mandiri Sekuritas

Next sekurita is independent of the securities that are affiliated with the organization of the parents, namely Bank Mandiri. The best effect was established in the year 2000, and until now have more than 40 Service Offices spread in different regions.

Mandiri Sekuritas provides various services such as stock brokers and shareholders. One of the advantages of self-Service securities is the availability of the online trading facility that can be accessed through the app or desktop which is known by the name of most. This time a potential customer has been facilitated by the online registration system with the initial deposit that is affordable. In addition, if You use independently of securities, transaction fees that are charged are also competitive, in the figures is 0.28% (plus 5,000) to sell the shares and of 18% (plus Rp5.000) to the cost of the purchase of such shares.

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4. Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia

A company that has been present in Indonesia since 1994, is part of a global network of PhillipCapital that has spread to 16 states. Phillip effects provide a variety of services ranging from buying and selling stocks, funds each other, to bond. According to the records of the authority of the stock exchange, the current value of the capital Net Working (NAWC) Phillip effect to reach Usd 179 billion.

This time, Phillip Securities has also been providing online trading services with a system he has been called poems (phillip’s Online Electronic Electronic System). This online system has been named as the best online trading in 2015.

5. BNI Securities

One of the subsidiary companies of the bank PT Indonesian state since 1995. Some of the services which has been approved from the FSA include the trading of securities and funds together, for the service of the owner of the company.