Cara Membuat EA Dengan Custom Indicator – Have You ever thought to make the strategy a way out herself? On the occasion of the following, we will teach You how to make EA simple by the material which is most basic in a wider variety of books on the techniques of forex trading; nothing else is the Candlestick.

Candlestick EA is indeed one of the EA, which has been widely circulated for free on the Internet. Unfortunately, many beginners who are using this EA without knowing how it works. Therefore, this article is for you who want to learn step by step how to make EA simple, knowing how to work the EA, as well as a component of what is required.

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The main components of the EA candles

Learn how to make EAH simple, there is the main component of which will be the basis in the manufacture of EA. These are the components is a trading system, which is some of the rules made by the trader and is used as a benchmark in the trade.

According to the initial goal, Place the candle will be the basis in the making of this. Place wax is one of the benchmark is the most popular for some professional traders. From the Candlestick, the movement of prices in the market can be interpreted in depth and clear. If you don’t understand how to use place the candles, it helps you learn them first before continuing to the making of these candles.

First, the strategy used will be quite simple. If that form the candle stick bull, then wax the EA will open a position to buy. Although if it formed a candle is bearish, then wax the EA will open a sell position.

In addition to the strategy, one of the other important components in the system of trading is Money Management. Without Money Management is better, no matter how good the strategy is used, then You will never generate a profit consistently in the forex market. Here are some of the rules of the MM to be used on candles EA is simple.

  • Stop Loss = 20 pips.
  • Take profit = 60 pips.
  • AutoMM = 2% of the capital.
  • There should only be 1 open positions.

Stop Loss is selected as far as 20 pips. By using the risk / reward ratio of 1:3, then the distance of the take profit is set as far as 60 pips. In the determination of the plot, use the AutoMM system, which calculates the magnitude of the per lot automatically as much as 2% of the capital, and then share them with a loss.

Step By Step How To Make EA Simple

After designing all components needed for the process of making a candle. Let’s learn together how to make EA simple this from zero. Here is the complete code of the entire EA, Candles were made based on the rules above:

First of all, will be discussed input variables that can be set by the user when using this wax. The input will appear on the East property is currently placed in the Chart. About how to make input simple variables, input variables that will be used is the distance from the losses, take profits, a large percentage of the capital that will be used in one position, the maximum limit, as well as the magic number that is used. The code used to define the input process is:

The distance of the Stop Loss and take profit are used to using the base unit is, while automatically using the basic units of percent. Next, let’s see how to make EA simple by arranging mm-her automatically. The following code is used:

In this code used the function of the imbalance () to know the total capital in the trading account at this time. The value will then be multiplied by the variable given on the AutoMM, to get the amount of capital that will disisikokan to one position. Then this value will be divided by the distance of the Stop loss has been set. Next, we just need to see how to make an EA this simple open and close positions automatically. The following code is used:

The first step is to limit the number of open positions created by the Eastern candle. It is manifested by calling a function OrdersTotal(), which aims to determine how the total open positions in the account. Then the value, which is obtained will be given a limit of the form 0. That is, if the total opened position is 0, or no position is opened, then the EA should open a new position.

Next, we will discuss the logic used to buy and sell in the EA. As stated earlier, The EA will open a position to buy if the candle is bullish made, while a sell position will be opened if the candle is made up. This can be achieved by utilizing the function iClose () and iOpen (). If it is Near the Candle when it is greater than the open, then it can be said as a candle is Bullish, and vice versa.

Backtest EA Candle Simple

After learning how to make EA simple, there are trials that are well done to determine how the performance produced by EA candles. This test is done by using the strategy of the creator in the Metatrader 4 platform. Testing is done on the currency pair EUR / USD time frame H1, and use the model to test the open price. The following reports the Results Of A Backtest finished:

From the results of the Backtest, he can be seen if EA simple candle are able to achieve a net profit of 4,626.76 USD. These results were obtained with the figure of victory only 27.70%, or 100 positions the advantage of the overall 361 positions are opened during the period of the slowest. This result is quite surprising, considering how to make EA simple very simple and easy. More surprising is, is Drawn from the candle EA only 38,16%. Drawdown is quite small, because of the position of 72.30% of the defeat of the opening. This may be the case, because EA Candle utilizing the principle of MM that automatically calculates the lot based on balance. When the loss occurred in a row, then there must be a lot of will continue to decline, so that the losses will continue to decrease.


Such articles include how to make EA simple, let’s brief what information has been presented above. First, in the process makes EA, trading systems is one thing that must be owned. Without a trading system, robot will not be well designed. In addition, other important components that are needed is good money management. As You can see above, even with systems that only provide the win rate of 27.7%, the gain can still be obtained.

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