Cara Menggunakan VPS Forex – – For those of you who want to focus on collecting expert coffee maker financial advisor or trading robot, of course VPS is one of the important components that you need to master. Often, some people want to buy a robot argue that they can run the robot without using the VPS.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to run a trading robot on Your own in the home. There are many factors that should be considered in the run trading robots. Some of which is the ability of computers that run it. If Your computer is able to live in a time of 5 days and 24 hours in a week? Always connected to the internet? Judging from the quality factor of the internet in Indonesia that are not necessarily stable, it is not possible, isn’t it? Not to mention the factor of the performance of Your computer.

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Before entering into the discussion-the more, the better to first understand what VPS for those of you who are still beginners. VPS or Virtual private Server is an EA popular will live and work to find Your cash in the market. VPS needed because most of the trader do not have a device that has the capacity as described above. EA should continue to seek opportunities in the market for 5 days / 24 hours of course should not be limited by a slow computer or internet that are not stable. Can-can, not profit is obtained, even a loss streak You get.

In this article will be discussed how to use a forex VPS with detail. This guide is of course not including by way of lease or in which You have to rent a VPS. You will be taught how to open a VPS from Your computer or Gadget. As well as how to install the Robot on VPS.

When can you use a Forex VPS?

These questions will definitely appear when you already know the advantages VPS forex in general. In addition, traders who are new to EA for the first time. Therefore it is necessary to in-re, not all robot trading You should be installed on the VPS. In carrying out its functions, indeed trading robots should be given the opportunity to search for various opportunities in the market. But that’s no reason for each of the robots trading that You find in Google You can rent a VPS.

Select the trading robot is actually the same with choosing a system or trading strategy . After choosing the robot, there are several stages that must be passed first before You invest the money. The stages are the same with the selection process of the trading system.

What is it? Mostly In The Back. Yes, the back is one of the important things that You can do on a trading robot. The process Backtest needs to be done in a variety of market conditions there and in accordance with the special conditions are applied on the robot. Suppose, the Developer of EASTREET 2.0 suggest the evolution of the robot to be used in pairs Mayor at the time frame M15. Of course you do Backtest in the pair EUR / USD on the frame H1 time. In addition, adjust the parameters on the robot to get maximum results.

After escaping from the test results on the Backtest, then You can rent a VPS. However, You should try trading robot is the first in a demo account or cents, to avoid any kind of risks that exist in the EA. This process is usually referred to as a forward test. It is recommended to do a minimum of 1 month. VPS needed in the test to the front so You can see directly the ability of a robot to trade in the for-profit 24/5. After graduating from the exam, you can rely on robots.

How to use a Forex VPS

Before You start the guide on how to use the FPS Forex, make sure that You have an EA which You want to install, as well as the trading account. In addition, don’t forget to make sure You have an internet connection that is quite stable and fast. Guide how to use a Forex VPS is divided into 2 parts, namely by using the system OS and windows, as well as how to use a Forex VPS with Android phone.

How to use the fps with the operating system windows

Before the discussion about how to use VPS here, earlier emphasized that the operating system used is Windows 10. However, even though You are using the system operating window for a little longer, how to use it will not change in general, just a look just a little different. More information, here’s how to use a forex VPS with Your personal computer:

  • Press the home button on Your window, and go to Windows accessories, then find the app called remote Desktop Connection in there.
  • You can also find this application by searching for it through the search feature of windows. The trick is to hit the Start button + S on your Keyboard. Then type remote Desktop Connection in there.
  • You will find a display like this when the remote Desktop connection has been open. Enter the IP address that you get when You rent a VPS.
  • Press the button display option, and then input the User Name in the field provided.
  • Log in by pressing the Connect button. You will be asked a password when logging into Your VPS.
  • After all the process is completed, You will be able to access the computer that you rent it.

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