Explanation About Tiktok 豪華 報酬 and Tiktok 豪華 報酬 を 獲得 しま した

Puncak-media.com.Puncak-media.com.com Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about Explanation About Tiktok 豪華 報酬 and Tiktok 豪華 報酬 を 獲得 しま した which is viral on social media especially on tiktok and there are lots of searches on google about that.

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Social media is a very strategic medium for everyone in carrying out a promotion or as a medium for disseminating information which of course will be very effective because considering today is a digital era where almost everyone uses social media for their daily needs.

However, social media is also often used for things that are not good and not wise in spreading hoax information or fraudulent information which is intended to deceive others so that they as perpetrators of disseminating the information benefit for themselves and their organizations.

For this reason, on this occasion the admin will discuss an information that has been spreading in the community for a long time and not a few people have also become victims of this false information and in the end the victim suffered losses in the form of material and personal data that he had provided through the hoax link, especially in Japan.

This is Explanation About Tiktok 豪華 報酬 and Tiktok 豪華 報酬 を 獲得 しま した

Explanation About Tiktok 豪華 報酬 and Tiktok 豪華 報酬 を 獲得 しま した

There are reports that some users on tiktok will see messages like “You got the prize (you got it)”. Along with the message “You have received a gift” on tiktok, there are a series of reports that the numbers and letters are reversed and the amount is displayed as “Yen 6400”.

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In addition, it seems messages like “Let’s get 8000 yen (post to tiktok) and get a fancy gift!” Can be displayed. Currently, there is only a monetization program called “TikTok LIVE Gifting”, which is the money transfer function of TikTok implemented in Japan from March 2021 to get gifts with tiktok. Other than that,

  • It’s free to participate in hashtag challenges.
  • Obtain compensation for accepting requests for company projects.

You can get rewards in such a way, but in any case, it is assumed that you will take some action (video posts, likes, etc.) -suddenly seeing the message “You got a gift” on tiktok, it’s good to think that there is a high risk of fraud and phishing. .that’s right.

For now, just ignore it, and avoid clicking on suspicious links in hopes of taking the necessary steps to get rewarded if you make a mistake. However, TikTok is officially running an invite campaign. As a “TikTok Refer-a-Friend Challenge”, the invite bonus is worth up to 3,000 yen.

Besides, it seems that if Tiktok invites two people, the person invited will get 8,000 yen. Regarding this, it seems safe to participate as it is an announcement from the TikTok domain, but I’m a little worried that tiktok can’t confirm the current official announcement for the 8000 yen prize-winning campaign.

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Points You Can Follow Include:

Invitation: Up to 3,000 yen
Enter the invite code for the invitee: 500 yen
For people who are invited to watch the video twice a total of 5 minutes (within 7 days after installation): 300 yen
For invited people Watch a total of 4 times, 5-minute video (within 7 days after installation): 200 yen
Invited people worth 700 yen watched a total of 6 times, 5-minute video (within 7 days after installation): 100 yen
New users 1,500 yen (invitation) (For those who do)
Enter invitation code up to 800 yen : 400 yen
New install bonus: 100 yen
Video post: 20 yen x 10 times
Share invitation page: 10 yen x 10 times.

How to Participate?

Those who invite (those who already use TikTok).
Tap the badge on the main page, or tap “Invite” to the friend introduction challenge page from the coin icon at the top left of the profile field, copy the invitation code, or click the “Share code” button to make friends with LINE etc. When the person receiving the sharing invitation completes code entry, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for an Amazon gift certificate worth 500 yen! Besides
In addition, points that can be exchanged up to 2,500 yen each time invited friends watch the video can be earned.

Applicable Conditions

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Those who meet all of the following are eligible for the Refer a Friend Challenge.
The person invited at this time was an official resident of Japan.
Invited persons must be at least 20 years old. If you are under the age of 20, you need parental consent.
Those who accept the invitation will be using TikTok for the first time.
The person who received the invitation never signed up with the invite code.

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