List Of Apliasi Loans Online 2021 – Many applications of the loan fund official circulating online in 2021 to meet the various financial needs of Smart-mu. In mid-2021, a lot of things that happen that cause economic activity is inhibited, either due to virus attack in the Covid-19.

Vaccination in the middle of the trip, but unfortunately the economic activity can not run smoothly. As a result, quite a lot of couples clever to organize your finances better, and set back the long-term plan carefully.

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If there is an urgent need that must be met, Pal Smart can choose to rely on 5 loan application authorized online here.

Understand The Application Online

List Of Apliasi Loans Online 2021
List Of Apliasi Loans Online 2021

Apps, also known as loan application fintech. In Indonesia, the era of the loan fintech started in the year 2017. Until now, the presence of lending fintech is still coveted by people who need money quickly for all your needs.

If compared to the bank loan service, loan fintech offers the ease of the shape of the efficiency of the method of delivery.

Pal Smart can get the loan funds only to access the system of the free use of the app by registering as a user of the application and apply for a loan.

In addition, the process of delivery and lifting of the loan are available within 24 hours without being restricted by business Hours. Lending Fintech also generally offers collateral-free loans.

Perhaps, for fans of loan products, this sounds too good to be true, but the ceiling is available in appfintech is provided by service loans from banking companies.

On the other hand, lend the technology remains so desire to Pal Smart seek additional funds to the various needs of the sudden.

All the advantages possessed by lending fintech, unfortunately exploited by parties who are not responsible for any profit through fraud, money loans quick cash without any app.

For that, Buddy is smart to be careful with the potential for such fraud. Trust Your financial needs through 5 recommendations loans fintech below.

List Of Loan Official Online 2021

Fintech lending below has the status of official operations in Indonesia. Check each of the benefits and business in accordance with the financial needs of the Buddy Smart.

1. Credit Smart

Credit Smart is the app free to use fintech without the guarantee that has been established since 2017 and now it has an official status as a provider of funds loans online that have been registered and supervised by OJK.

With smart Credit, Customers can only enter the photo ID as a condition of the loan application is legally required in the application. Pal Smart can apply for a loan of up to 20 million rupiah, depending on the value of owned credit.

The process of filing the loan takes place in less than 3 minutes and funds will go down in the 1st 24 hours after approval is received.

Smart application of credit available to be installed through the Google Play Store.

As the free use of the fintech trusted, credit smart provides a “special book” to the user and smart who are interested to use credit smart app. His book, called Credit Smart Call Center FAQ.

Generally, this page contains a variety of questions collected by a team of Call Center Credit are often asked by customers.

This page is dedicated to customers who can answer questions if You want to be filed with more quickly through the page.

2. IndoDana

IndoDana is a loan service Finland that provides cash loans and pay later, in one app. To serve later. IndoDana has collaborated with a variety of traders in Indonesia, such as iStyle,Sepulsa, and others.

Pay for the service then, can be used if the customer wants to buy certain goods in installments without a credit card. Meanwhile, if customer need fast cash liquid, customers can choose the service of cash loan.

To enjoy the services provided in such applications, customers must have income at least in the amount of Rp 3.50.000, – per month.

3. Julo

Julo is the government finance Finnish to operate in Indonesia. With Julo, customers can get a loan of up to 8 million dollars. Estimates of Liquid Funds to the account after the approval is for 2 x 24 hours.

If customers pay the mortgage / pay off the loan earlier than the period of grace, then will have the opportunity to earn cashback.

4. Koinworks

As an application of the loan fintech, Koinworks provides 2 types of services under the category of Users, i.e. business and personal.

For users for the purpose of business, the requirements to apply for a loan is in the form of an ID card from the Director / owner of the company, the identity number corporate tax, account statements for the last 3 months, and the financial statement.

Meanwhile, for user for personal needs, Customers can apply for a loan through Koinworks to meet the documents indicated in the form; KTP, NPWP when applying for a loan of more than 50 million, KK if already married, and mutations account for the last 3 months.

Not only are applying for a loan, the customer Zoinworks can also become an investor by signing up as a devotee of application Zoinworks. Application Koinworks can be obtained through the App Store and Google Play Store.

5. Rupiah Quick

Fast loans in Rupiah is one of the fintech has been authorized and supervised by the FSA, so including loans fintech authorized to operate in Indonesia. This app offers the filing of a loan of up to 20 million with a tenor of 3 months. Customers can get Appiah quickly through the Google Play store.

Buddy is smart, it’s 5 recommendations the online loan application in Indonesia. When you need cash fast liquid, using credits is smart is a loan officer online to avoid scams online loans illegal.

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