3 Advantages of Long-Term Investment Stock To investors

Puncak-media.com.Puncak-media.com.com – Stock is one of the investment instruments that are popular and attractive to the public ever since. Stock investing has large potential rewards, although are also coupled with high risk.

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Generally, there are two types of people invest in stocks, namely traders and investors. Traders are people who invest in stocks for the short term, while investors are people who invest in stocks for the long term.

In general, stock investing long-term is more advisable than the short term because of the potential advantages that can be obtained more leverage. Check out 3 advantages of stock investing long-term for investors here.

P.S. Stocks are investment instruments with high risk. Preferably, prepare an emergency fund of at least 6x the monthly expenses before you invest.
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In stock investment, there is a term called the dividend. The split in a nutshell is the division of the profit (profit) a company earns more than a certain period of time to the shareholders of the company.

Basically, there are 5 types of dividends in the stock investment, for example, cash dividend, stock dividend, the script dividend, the dividend of the property (goods), the advantages and liquidation. Even so, the kind of dividends are most commonly distributed by the company is the division of the money and stock.

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Companies generally distribute dividends as much as 1-2 times in a year depending on the results of general meeting of shareholders or the General meeting of Shareholders. Even so, You can also find some companies that do not give a dividend of one cent in a year.

This condition can only occur if the company is in financial difficulty or in need of more funds for the purposes of the company’s expansion in the foreseeable future.

The amount of cash dividends received by investors depends on how the number of shares owned.

The more shares owned, the greater the amount of cash dividends that is acceptable to the investor. The same thing also applies to the distribution of dividends in the form of stock.

Example the following illustration is an advantage for investors profit distribution of the profits profits profits profits Dividends of the Company:

Budi has 100,000 shares of PT. Tbk Bermuda triangle, and this year the company announced to distribute dividends amounting to Rp 350/sheet.

Well, with the number of shares equal to 100,000 shares owned by the help, then the dividend will get help on this year’s worth of 3535.000. Cut a 10% tax, so that dividing the cash account is Rp31. 500. 000.

Help it have 100 thousand shares, imagine that Budi has 1 Million, 5 million, or 10 million shares. Of course the amount of money dividend will receive help to become larger again.

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Capital Gains

As is known, the company’s stock price tends to go down every trading day. This allows investors to reap short-term profits in the stock investment is buying the stock at a cheap price and selling it when share price rises.

Well, the advantage of the difference of the price of buying and selling stock is called a capital gain or capital gains. For example, in 2005 Budi has bought 100 thousand shares of PT. Tbk Bermuda triangle $ 50 million when the stock price at that time was still 500/sheet.

15 years later, now the stock price of PT. Tbk the Bermuda Triangle has been increased significantly to Rp24 / sheet.000 / sheet. If bob decides to sell the stock at this time, the advantage will be obtained Rp2, 4 billion (24.000 x 100 thousand shares).

That is, in 15 years, the advantages of the profits of the shares of PT. The Bermuda Triangle Tbk Rp2.350. 000.000. Lumayan banget kan?

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One of the benefits of stock investing long-term is compound interest, or the effects of compound interest. This advantage is obtained with how to find the back of profit investors are divided on the shares held.

So, let’s just say this year You only get dividends with the cash of the company. The Bermuda triangle Tbk senilai Rp500.000.

Well, rather than the money of 500,000 that You use for things that smell consumptive, it is better You invest back into PT. Tbk Bermuda triangle how to buy more shares of the company.

So, hopefully, in the next year, You can get the amount of dividends that much more.

Do this continuously every year in quite a long time and you will definitely get a profit from the interest compounds of the ordinary.

For example, assuming You have the stock investment is worth 100 million in companies with a specific interest of 15% per year, then in a period of 30 years You invest, the money has increased significantly increased to 62 million,billion.

And remember, this is only with a capital of 100 million without additional capital again for 30 years, unless the interest that continues to be invested.

Eyeing gains in the long term, by the way?

To answer this question I need to know first about what is the purpose of You both and how the risk profile of Your investment because every person is different.

However, that certainly is eyeing the benefits of stock investing long-term is quite feasible if the purpose of Your investment is to build Retirement Funds, and other investment instruments, mutual finance, stock ties.

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