Easy Way to Calculate Percentage for Stock Investment

Puncak-media.com.Puncak-media.com.com – Easy Way to Calculate Percentage for Stock Investment : Mastering how to calculate percent is a skill that must be mastered when you want to invest in stocks. This is because various data used to describe market dynamics are displayed in percent form. Even to describe the increase or decrease in stock prices also use the term percent.

We are taught how to calculate percent since we are still in school. This material is included in the Mathematics lesson. Who used to hate this lesson? In fact, the formula for calculating percent you can use until you’re old.

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Mastering how to calculate percentages can actually be very beneficial not only in mathematics but also in everyday life. In fact, almost all fields need it. For example, as a way to calculate discounts when shopping at the mall.

Easy Way to Calculate Percentage for Stock Investment

You can also use it if you are in the business of buying and selling or trading to get the value of your profits. In addition, percent or percentage is also important to show the volume of water and the population of an area. Looking for percentages is closely related to numbers so you must master it.
Master the Basic Principles of How to Calculate Share Profit Percent
Percent is usually used to describe a data in the form of a percentage. Percent is often used when calculating the percentage of interest rates, population, discounts, and others. The percentage is denoted by % which applies worldwide.

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To calculate percent is Percent Value = Percent Value x Fraction Value / 100.

This method, called the percent count, dates back to the time of the Ancient Romans. At that time, when calculating certain numbers, they were usually made in multiples of 1/100.

Usually this system is used in auction taxes where this levy is calculated at 1/100 of the auction value or commonly known as centesima rerum venalium. Calculations like this are not much different or even very similar to the term percent or percentage that we know today.

After that in the following centuries, the term 1/100 divisor has begun to be widely used to perform various calculations. The divisor is generally used to find a part of a large part.

How to calculate percent is also used by stock investors to find out the amount of profit. Even the calculations must be done quickly, one of which is if you are trading stocks. By knowing the percentage of profit, you can make a quick decision to decide whether to sell or buy the stock.

Confused about how to calculate percent in stock investments? Don’t worry, the Magic editor will review it in the following description.

For those of you who don’t like math, don’t be in a hurry, try to master how to calculate percent and take a look at William Mamudi’s review, an analyst for Indonesian stocks and global markets:

What is needed to successfully invest in stocks and bonds is enough basic math for trading, at the level of IPS Mathematics. Heck, I even dare to argue that if you have mastered Elementary level Mathematics, your numeracy skills are sufficient as a stock trader. In fact, simple accounting seems more suitable for stock investors, to analyze financial statements, basic mathematics (including how to calculate percent) to read financial statements and transaction opportunities. I even worry if people who are too smart want to trade stocks, because they often over-analyze and end up getting confused and wandering too far. A simple trading plan, but disciplined and firm in its execution, is a more appropriate performance style for trading stocks, accompanied by diligent review of trading developments on a regular basis to identify favorable and unfavorable factors, and which are worth keeping.”

The things needed to calculate the percentage movement of stock investment values are quite simple, just a small bookkeeping system, a simple calculator, plus paper to do long division doodles (if you are relatively easy to forget).

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Next, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Check the total amount of your investment income.
  • Divide by the amount of funds that have been invested.
  • For profit calculation, use the selling price of the investment.
  • Then subtract the purchase price.
  • Divide the profit value by the amount of the initial investment.
  • Then multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage growth of your investment.

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