This is the Advantage of Saving money Stocks You need To Know – Smart People, on the tau gak sih kalau lately nabung stock is becoming a trend topic in a variety of social media? Content-content that is related to this stock has scattered on the go, from Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, to Facebook!

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According to the Indonesia stock Exchange, as of March 2020 there are 1.5 million people in Indonesia, which became a stock investor, you know!

The advantages of Saving money to Stocks that smart Obliged to Know!

3 Keuntungan Investasi Saham Jangka Panjang bagi Investor

More Discipline
Smart people will have the ability to manage money more disciplined. As the discipline of savings shares, a discipline of study as well as buying the stock, plus the discipline to pay bills on time.

Information Transparent
The advantage of the storage stocks are not aware of the information transparent. The company offers stock to the public must be open to financial statements and actions of korporatsiya to the public. The movement of the price and the stock index is transparent. Everyone can see it. If there is a fair exchange, BEI and the FSA will be notified to the public.

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Assets Doubled

Stock information that is transparent will help you take a decision. What you will add to a portfolio of stocks or buy the same stock. However, the information plus the discipline and patience will come to fruition. You will have the assets doubled that can be used for the future, you know!

Helping The Economy Of The Country

The advantage to save the stock is not only obtained from the stock saving. In the long term, investments helped the economy of the country because of the company’s operations are running smoothly, the products get into the hands of the Seller, and enjoyed by the buyer, the company’s profits, the profits of stock price go to the investors, and the process will continue over and over.

Stock Tips Saving money for beginners

After knowing the advantages of storing stock, now it’s time you learn stock tips nabung here, yes!

Select securities with a transaction fee that is small
When Smart People will begin to save stock, You will be required to open an account the effect of which is facilitated by the securities company and fill a number of funds into the securities account. Money is exactly what will be used to buy shares in the stock market.

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Well, so be sure to compare the cost of transactions between the securities and select the most small, yes!

Don’t overdo it.
Although the concept for save the the greater Your planting stock, the greater his advantage, but don’t You too royal to overdo it, You know!

Select stock listed on the exchange
List of stock issued BEI (Bursa efek Indonesia) is a statistical procedure changes in the prices of the motion of a collection of stocks, which are selected based on certain criteria.

For beginners who are confused by the stock purchase could first choose a stock on the stock exchange IDX in the LQ45 index or IDX30. Don’t worry, stocks in the index that most have the liquidity is very high. In addition, a listed company is a company with the background and fundamental is considered good.

Buy stock when the price drops
According to Warren Buffett, the investor leading the world, “most stupid reasons in buying the stock is because of the price rise”. Well, you’re not going to be fooled by the condition of the shares increased, yes!

Buy the stock when it rises in The rising is a common mistake made by beginners because it is too easy to be tempted to see the profit earned by other investors.

Buy stock Fundamentals of Financial Good and stable
Read the portfolio of Any company whose shares you observe. Yes, Smart People! Do inspection and filtering with caution and select the financial condition of most good. By selecting that its financial condition is good and stable, You can suppress the loss that may happen, You know!

Select a long-term investment
Long-term investment stock is usually more secure and profitable. In addition, as has been mentioned earlier the stock investment will be more profitable if treated properly save with more profit.

In addition, long-term investment also has a lower risk and by choosing the right company, the advantages that can be obtained can reach a lot of times.

Well, after reading the various advantages of saving money to the stock along with the tips, Smart People so more and more interested in saving the Stock gak? Smart people in the stock tau gak Suh that of insurance Tugu can be found on the Indonesia stock Exchange, ih! You can find it at the monument on the stock exchange. In addition asuransi Tugu also share its financial reports publicly on its official website.

Well, You don’t need to worry monument deh if you want Javin as saving Your stock. Yuk, share nabung!

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