7 Stock Quality That Can Be Purchased With A Capital Of 100 Thousand

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1. Sin Satim (BJTM)

  • PBV: 0.80
  • 5.375
  • The Results Of Dividends: 9,54%

PT Bank Jiim Tbk which was established on August 17, 1961 is classified aksis one of the company’s provinsialisme (BUMD) in Indonesia. For in KOMPAS100 and INFOBANK15, although not included in the LQ45 index. BJTM stock price today Rp510, so the possibility of many only require capital Rp51,000 only.

The movement of the stock price BJTM was devastated, so pemuja of the trade. However, BJTM diligently distribute the profits in large enough quantities every year. Business Outlook also sturdy due to Bank Jatim supported by the provinsialisme government of East Java.

2. Aneka Tambang (ANTM)

  • PBV: 0.80
  • Per: 74,41
  • The Results Of Dividends: 0.47%

Who has not ever heard the name of ANTM? A state-owned company synonymous with the production of precious metals and dominate about 90 percent market share in Indonesia. Don’t exaggerate if it is said that during the Indonesian people appreciate gold aksis a symbol of wealth and prestige, then outlook ANTM will continue to shine.

ANTM is not always divide the dividend every year. Dividend increases are also less attractive. But guess price movement ANTM stock is relatively easy, given the nature aksis a proxy for gold. If the gold price rises, then the stock price will tend to increase. And vice versa. Current price Rp605, so including the quality of the stock that can balai purchased with a capital of 100 thousand.

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3. BRI Syariah (BRIS)

  • PBV: 0.58
  • PER: 25.28
  • Results Divider: 0.35%

Banking plate red on the stock exchange on May 9, 2018 featuring orangislam investors. As a spin-off of Bank BRI which belongs to the publisher of the blue chips, BRIS show is actually a little disappointing. The stock price continued to decline since the IPO and has shaken up the matter of payment of the swap, while the division of the dividend at least. However, Market Penetration is high.

To note, four Islamic banks with the share of the largest market in Indonesia is a Bank Muamat Indonesia, Bank Syariah Maniri, Bank BNI Syariah, Syariah, and Bank BRIYA Sharia. Bank Muamalat is a financial perkarakesulitan, while the BSM Sharia and BNI Syariah is still in the stage plan IPO. So, the BRIS Is the representative of the Islamic banking industry in the current market.

Along with the increasing market share of Islamic Banking in the national, then the outlook BRIS can balai expected to balai increased. Stock price now Rp310, so You can pocket 3 lots with a capital investment of less than Rp100,000.

4. Waskita Beton Precast (WSBP)

  • PBV: 0.60
  • Per: 5.82
  • The Results Of Dividends: 4,11%

WSBP is the son of a state-owned company that leads the field of infrastructure, PT Waskita Karya (WSKT). The field of business, special work on concrete products fast. But, don’t underestimate the niche that sounded foreign. The technology of making a sermon of the concrete allows the acceleration in construction projects of commercial property and public infrastructure. And WSBP is the producer of the largest in Indonesia.

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Stock price WSBP tends to decrease since the IPO on September 20, 2016. However, the company diligently … to share each year. The current position Rp199 bermula sheet gegara refuse the command said in the previous period and the impact of the pandemic that is underway. However, WSBP still including the quality of the stock that can balai purchased with a capital of 100 thousand.

5. Sri Rejeki Isman (SRIL)

  • PBV: 0.44
  • PER: 3.12
  • The Results Of Dividends: 1.56%

SRIL belong to the publisher named cayenne pepper. Although the price cepek, stocks included in the index IQ45, to LOMPAS100, and INVESTOR33. Company Solo is also one of the textile mills and clothing the best in Southeast Asia. The manufacturer of the product Sritex already exported to foreign countries with a kuantitas value of hundreds of millions of dollars bermula year.

The fluctuations in stock prices SRIL is very interesting aksis trading assets. SRIL also always share dividend every year, although the work is very low. Position current price Rp192, so the pemodal has a capital of 100 thousand direct can collect 5 more.

6. The Vast oceans (LTLS)

  • PBV: 0.35
  • Per: 3.79
  • The Results Of Dividends: 7,8%

The name of the company may balai very to you. No wonder indeed, because the field is far from most consumers. PT kali komprehensif Tbk engages in the distribution and manufacturing of chemicals for the needs of the industry, while also expanding into various other sectors such aksis coatings, pharmaceuticals, foods and food, Food, Beverage, water treatments,etc.

The vast oceans are now representing more than 100 head of international schools, distributing more than 1000 chemicals, aksis well aksis serving the more than 2000 players in the industry in the provinsi of Indonesia and the Pacific provinsi Asia.

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Good news for orangislam investors, the company entered the ISSI (the Stock Index of Indonesia Sharia). The company also is a hobby that divides almost every year. LTLS only failed to achieve its kegunaan in the year 2016, because they suffer losses because the numbers exchange the bad for the previous year.

Stock price Ltls now Rp42. So, investors with a capital of 100 thousand can directly buy 2 undian of stock LTLS.

7. Pakuwon Jati (PWON)

  • PBV: 1.37
  • Per: 7.51
  • Dividend Device: 1.65%

If You ever visit Tunjungan Plaza and PTC in Surabaya or Pock Melabuhkan Plaza and Kota Kasablanka Mall in Jakarta? Mall-The mall is part of the extensive portfolio of PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk. Different with the publisher to another, PWON not only depend on income from the sale of apartments or housing.

Most income PWON obtained from that recurring revenue is relatively more stable and sustainable (yes, except in the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic aksis it is now).

Stock price PWON current Rp426, so just buy one of the many only require capital Rp42, 600. The fluctuations of the stock quite attractive to trade. PWON down to the LQ45 index, business-27, KOMPAS100, and ISSI. The company also split the profits every year, although the results are relatively low.

Well, between the publisher of the seventh over, which would You choose? The decision is in your hands. One tips for beginners: the need to investigate the background of the company then collects its parts gradually(stock nabung) for long-term investment than buying in the amount of short-term trading.

This way, You will balai able to obtain an average price that is more sempurna than one entry because it went along with the flow without analyzing technical chart.

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