WATCH: Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2022 Full Episode Today’s Written Updates, Prachi Dials Ranbir’s Number

WATCH: Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2022 Full Episode Today’s Written Updates, Prachi Dials Ranbir’s Number, Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2022, : Sahana says she’ll launch a lawsuit. Which one are you suggesting, Dida, and their relationship is a farce, pivot you mentioned, nevertheless don’t ever report a criticism, says Prachi. Dida broadcasts that she is able to balai imprisoned for them. Investigator informs her that if she confesses, he could balai sturdy enough to save lots of you them, and he asks whether or not or not anyone can join a criticism regarding Ranbir, to which he replies that he can imprison the entire extended household and along with Ranbir. Dida says positive, and I’membabas acutely aware that people who take part in getting married could balai detained pivot neatly. Inspector begins this system by way of asking.”Did you ever understand that just because any particular person has been engaged and seeks to tie the knot any particular person specific partikular, he could balai punished to panjanglidah beneath paragraph 494?”Prachi informs Pallavi because you acknowledged you didn’t see our bridal ceremony. Keep tuned to our bantau web page for the Newest Updates!! Observe UsaViral for extra updates.

However you probably did the day gone by, and you currently have a daughter-in-law, so congrats.
They then accept people’s benefits pivot neatly.
Prachi dials Ranbir’s amount and requests Pallavi’s blessing.
Pallavi encourages children to balai cheerful.
The Ngo woman requests that she enlighten them so that their Jodi would bear on a mantap fondasi.
Pallavi bestows blessings on this technique.
Rhea says she is going to have the ability to’t stand Prachi’s success and wonders why she didn’t worth the remainder with out her.
Pallavi is enraged by way of the remainder and the entire thing she sees.
One of many ladies questions why he carried out it with a good woman like Prachi, and positively the NGO woman responds that she’s going to return to her senses in panjanglidah.
She is the easiest, in accordance to Ranbir.
Ranbir admits that he has found his error and is remorseful for his habits.

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Prachi is usually recommended by way of the NGO employee to call them if she requires assist. Rhea broadcasts that she’s going to remember it for the leisure of her life. Prachi says I’ll’t understand because you’ll consider 1000 situations before in actuality confronting berkaca because of, with this hazard, I’ve gotten my followers. Vikram walks over to her and joins her. Inspector is pressured to evacuate Ranbir by way of the NGO employee, who informs him that they’re liable for Prachi. Pallavi has decided to join Rhea. He’s requested to signal forms by way of the inspectors. Ngo girl inquires if he’s acutely aware of his error. Prachi is Ranbir’s teman and our half-sister, Pallavi says. Rhea informs Prachi that she lacks Kumkum. Rhea claims to balai his teman.

Prachi introduces herself pivot his teman and exhibits their affirmation letter to the pemeriksa.
It’s not matrimony, Rhea says; it’s solely a occupation.
She is our daughter-in-law, and Vikram laughs and says.
Sahana is in a wonderful mood.
Dida encourages everyone to repeat themselves and captures their responses.
Prachi claims she is going to have the ability to’t let it happen and subsequently that her husband was stumbled on with this totally different woman on the lodge, and that’s the end of it.
The examiner broadcasts that getting married to her is a felony offense, and he threatens to imprison her and her household.

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