Here’s How To Quickly Make A Black And White Photo In Photoshop

Sometimes we are required to bring the impact of the photo to black and white invest.P-media. For example, the black and white photo to complete the job application file, continuing school, and others.

All we have are color photographs. Then how to change the color photo to a black and white photo without having to do the shooting again?

There are no other steps, besides we have to edit the color photo using an image processing program like Adobe Photoshop. Well here I will share the steps that are steps to bring the impact of black and white photos which were originally color photos using Photoshop.

Here’s The Quickest Way To Make A Black And White Photo Originally A Color Photo Using Photoshop

Here's How To Quickly Make A Black And White Photo In Photoshop
Here’s How To Quickly Make A Black And White Photo In Photoshop

To bring the impact of black and white photos in Photoshop actually lightly we do. We only need one step to influence a color photo into a black and white photo. Then what even if we prepare to bring the impact of this black and white photo?

There is not much equipment that must be prepared, first the color photo that will be changed color both Photoshop programs. But if the photo that will be made into black and white is not stored on the computer, then of course we need a scan tool. Its function is to scan the photo so that it is stored on the computer and then we move the color to a black and white photo.

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If for the limited practice in bringing the impact of black and white photos here, I have prepared it. Please download first against the link that has been presented below :

And the photos that will be used as a practice in bringing the impact of black and white photos this time. The photo matches the one you downloaded above.

Please open the photo in Photoshop program and here I utilize Adobe Photoshop CS 3.

After successfully accessing the photo in Photoshop, in accordance with this material we will affect the color photo into a black and white photo. Then the way is we simply connect the menu Images > Adjustments > Black & White…

Now before us is a black & White dialog box. We adjust its parameters to the conditions of the photo.

But without making the slightest change to the Black & White parameter, I think the photo has now changed its color to black and white. If you are lazy to change it, leave the default settings (default) only and click OK.

The Quick Step to enter the Black & White dialog box, we are able to use Keyboard Shortcuts … the way is simply pressing Alt + Shift + Ctrl+B in line and then press Enter. Then bereslah has brought the impact of black and white photos in Photoshop. How quick and easy isn’t it?

The next stage what if we crave the black and white is just the background of the photo? Or it could be the other way around, meaning that black and white is the person and the background is forever colored. If that’s really what we want, then we have to implement specific techniques again. And it could take a while, if we’re good at it.

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Before changing the photo to black and white, first create a duplicate layer after we connect the photo in Photoshop. To duplicate a layer or photo, just use the Quick Step of pressing Ctrl+J against the keyboard.

Then remove the eye image (Indicates layer visibility) against the Background layer.

Now activate Layer 1 or a duplicate of the Background layer. Photo selection to separate between image object and background object. To select photos we are able to use the Extract Filter tool as I have written in the article How to replace Photo Background with Extract.

But here I will select photos using another step, namely using the Polygonal Lasso Tool. We activate the tool by quickly pressing the letter L against the keyboard. Make a selection of photos to finish.

If the photo selection has been completed perfectly, press Delete against the keyboard. This is if we crave to let the background color photos. But if we want the background to be changed to black and white, and the person is forever colored, then we must first reverse the position of the image selection.

How to right click (mouse) in the middle of the selection and select or click Select Inverse. Finally press Delete against keyborad to remove the photo background.

Then reactivate the eye image against the Background Layer (Indicates layer visibility) and select the Background Layer.

Do the black and White change like the first step above by pressing Alt+Shift + Ctrl+B against the keyboard in line and press Enter. Here are the results.

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