Perbedaan Penggunaan No dan Not dalam Bahasa Inggris

Perbedaan Penggunaan No dan Not dalam Bahasa Inggris – Not dan no adalah dua bentuk negasi yang sama-sama berfungsi untuk membentuk kalimat negative. Kedua bentuk ini pun memiliki makna yang sama yaitu, bukan dan tidak.

Namun, tahukah Anda bahwa sebenarnya not dan no digunakan dalam konteks yang berbeda-beda. Berikut ini adalah perbedaan penggunaan antara not dan no.

1. No digunakan dalam kalimat seru (Exclamation sentence)


Can I help you?
No! Everything is ok

Did you go to cinema last night?
No! I stayed home.

Are you okay?

Did you find your book?
No! It has lost!

2. No digunakan sebagai adjective sebelum singular dan plural noun


I have no money at all.
The class is empty. There are no students here.
There was no sugar in my coffee, so it tasted so bitter.
I am not looking for Anne, but I want to see Marry.

3. Not digunakan sebagai adverb yang menerangkan, verb dan adjective:


Menerangkan verb

George does not understand what I said.
I do not need your help.
My father did not work yesterday because of getting ill.
We will not go to the beach this holiday.
Sarah is not reading the book but she is writing a novel at now.
I have not seen Christina for a week. Do you know where she is?

Menerangkan adjective

I am not sure about that!
I knew that John is not smart. He is just pretend to be smart person.
Bryan was not accepted in police department because he is not tall.


Adjective good bisa menggunakan not dan no


How was the show?
Not good at all!
No good at all!

I thought she was not good in math test.
I thought she was no good at all in math test.

4. Not digunakan sebagai adverb menerangkan adverb of place/frequency/time


She is not in library but she is in canteen.
The place where we go is not park but kind like a little garden.
There is not enough gasoline in the car.
Everything which is shining is not always good.
Why did you wake up earlier, It is not Monday, is it?
It is not nine o’clock but nine pass two.

5. Not sebagai adjective digunakan sebelum determiner dan article (the, an, a)


You are not the only one who can dive without taking a breath for 5 minutes.
It is not a good deal.
My father is not an ambassador .

6. Not sering digunakan dalam jawaban yang pendek


Is George okay?
I am afraid not!

Will he go tonight?
I hope not!

7. No merupakan gabungan dari kata not + any


I do not have any idea at all = I have no idea at all.
I do not have time to look after her = I have no time to look after her.
The old man does not need anything for living = the old man needs nothing for living.
I did not see anybody here = I see nobody here
I promised that she is not going anywhere = I promised that she is going nowhere.

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